Urbata 7

The Seven Essentials of Architecture

Urbata 7 was designed and developed  to redesign technology around the built world (environment). By creating a building-centric utility, we can finally illuminate the myriad issues that others have missed or ignored and anchor a better technology, urban design and future.

7 Essentials of Architecture


    What shops, housing units, public places or general spatial info is within your building? Once you are verified, more information is available.

  • USE

    See what needs fixing--an elevator doesn't work? a window is broken? the lobby smells? All physical maintenance can be logged and connected to those who can help.


    Visualize energy use in your buildings, energy sources, energy generation -- down to each space and unit. Explore opportunities to save and harness green options.


    Fixtures and building systems can be analyzed, referenced, fixed, recommended and cross-referenced with energy, use and spaces within.


    How do you get to and from this building? Bus, train, car, bike or ... walking? See if there are better options for travel.

  • SITE

    What kind of lot is the building on? What other buildings do people use on your street? What are environmental considerations you can't see? 

  • LIFE

    What is the life of this building? What history, previous alterations, architects, news and related history has happened here?

Partners & Design Network

Urbata 7 is partnering with both private and public institutions (both have failed to address our failing infrastructure and rebuild for the future). Working with the best design minds, governments and technologists, we are leading the next urban design renaissance.

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